Bill Will – Fun House

67966_billwill_undertow_and_1_hand (1)

I accompanied Bill Will’s exhibition of kinetic sculptures Fun House with a four-channel generative sound installation.  An extensive library of individual sound events were randomly triggered and spatialized throughout the gallery in ever-changing combinations and layers.  Sound events ranged in length from a few seconds to several minutes and were derived from the sound of a single snare drum hit – from quiet buzzing and drones to rumbles and pops.  Sudden bursts of sound emerged from silences.  As visitors activated the noisy sculptures, the installation provided a parallel sonic environment.

Ronna & Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art at Lewis & Clark, Portland OR

Sept. 10 – Dec. 10, 2017

SNKR (with Kelly Rauer)

SNKR was a collaborative project with movement and video artist Kelly Rauer, resulting in videos, sounds, performances and hybrid combinations thereof.

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Hand2Mouth Theatre – Time, a Fair Hustler

My sound design for this theatrical reimagining of Gus VanSant’s “My Own Private Idaho” combined remixes of original music by Peter Holmstrom (Dandy Warhols) with layered environmental and atmospheric sound.  Scenes in present time were joined by soft tones coming from hidden onstage speakers.  As characters slipped into the past, remembered spaces emerged from a four-speaker system surrounding the audience. Microphones suspended above the stage added reverb effects to the actor’s voices at key moments.

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