Here are a few things to consider for creating a great performance video:

1. Clarify the goals


  • Are you looking for a full archival edit? A punchy showreel?  A filmic interpretation?
  • Raw footage can be shaped into multiple products.  From a full edit, we can easily create a highlight reel (especially if you choose the moments to feature).


  • Are there certain kinds of shots or angles you really want to capture?
  • Do you prefer smooth continuity or expressive editing & camerawork?
2. Get the most from your shoot

Number of cameras:

  • 1 camera is good for archival purposes, or for gathering shots to create a highlight reel.
  • 2 cameras can provide a full-stage shot and a medium/close shot with a single cameraperson, for an affordable but effective document.
  • 3 cameras will capture a wider range of shots and close-up details for a more dynamic, exciting edit.
  • A 4th camera adds a wide-angle view of the entire venue, great for capturing audience reactions and impressive architecture.
  • Interested in more cameras? We can do that too!  Please contact us below for a current Rate Sheet.

Camera placement:

  • For proscenium seating, left, right and center are standard positions. A camera operator with tripod usually occupies two seats worth of space.  Positioning cameras in aisles or balconies can be good options.
  • For nontraditional seating arrangements, let’s think about how camera operators can avoid obstructing audience members and achieve a clear line of view to the performers. Roving, shoulder-mount cameras or other non-tripod options may be useful.
3. Refining the edit

First Draft Notes

  • Paradise Meow will compile and archive all the files, sync the audio and work to edit multi-camera footage into the deliverables discussed. The first draft will be as close to finished as possible, including titles, credits and color correction.
  • One round of feedback is included. Please provide comments or corrections within 30 days.  Are there are any details we missed or edits you would like to change?  Time codes for specific changes are most helpful.

Final Cut

  • We will provide 720p and 1080p files (or in some cases, 4K) in the format of your choice.
  • Finished edits may be uploaded to Google Drive or Vimeo, and/or delivered on a hard drive.
  • Raw footage can be provided on request.