Here are a few things to consider for a successful short documentary, educational or promotional video.

1. Focus your vision and purpose

Creative Brief

  • What are the key themes, concepts or ideas you want to communicate? Does this video have a specific function?
  • Who is your audience? How will they be viewing your video?
  • Is there a specific look or vibe you’re after?
  • Do you prefer to work from a script and shot list, or have Paradise Meow shape a narrative in the editing?
  • For more in-depth concept development and brainstorming, a phone call or in-person meeting is recommended.
2. Create exciting and dynamic content


  • Do you have a visually-appealing (and quiet) location where we can shoot? A space that communicates something about the topic or person is great!
  • Wear clothing that can easily hide a clip-on microphone.
  • Are you looking for a conversational tone or something more formal?


  • Are there specific processes, materials or spaces you would like to feature?
  • What opportunities are there to focus on people and places in action?


  • A VO script can be the thread that weaves everything together.  We can help refine and focus your rough draft.
  • We provide audio equipment and studio space for high-quality VO recording.


  • Music is essential for setting the mood and tempo of an edit. We can suggest options from a network of exciting bands and musicians.
3. Refining the edit

First Draft Notes

  • Paradise Meow will compile and archive all the files, sync audio and create an edit of the deliverables agreed upon.  The first draft will be as close to finished as possible, including titles/credits and color correction.
  • One round of feedback is included. Please provide comments or corrections within 30 days.  Are there are any corrections, details we missed or edits you would like to change?  Time codes for specific changes are most helpful.
  • More feedback rounds are possible for an additional fee.

Final Draft

  • We will provide 720p and 1080p files (or in some cases, 4K) in the format of your choice.
  • Finished edits may be uploaded to Google Drive or Vimeo, and/or delivered on a hard drive.
  • Raw footage can be provided on request.
Is there something special you’re looking for?

Our creative partners can provide additional services, including aerial videography, high quality live sound recording, art direction and scenic design, graphics and animations.