Sequential transformations, the slow revealing of hidden sonic events, linking of sonic layers, re-recording inside resonant objects and room tone. Sound as invention through disorientation (uva / grape / wine / disorientation / mutation = ova / fertility / emergence of form).  Sources include ceramic rods, bowed autoharp, metal chain, small glasses suspended in water, and recordings of wind in the Columbia River Gorge, WA.

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Continuous pitched sounds with an undercurrent of white noise. Air on the edges of tone, amplified through a compositional process of massing and layering, the incorporation of room tone and re-recording of environments. Sonic shadows – sound as a casting of color or dark, the slowly unfolding shade of space within a field of time, “night music”.  Sources include blown bottles, pump organ, voice, bowed autoharp, piano, recorder, sagbut, and field recordings of fireworks, crickets, caves on the Oregon coast, a rotating electric sign in the cobblestone streets of Maribor, Slovenia, boiling water.

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From Cloud to Seed


Organic and synthetic materials in collision, the layering of divergent acoustic spaces, condensed structures, jumbled sounds and dynamic swells. Basic materials are infinitely transformable, evolving and rearranging through cycles of growth and decay.  Sources include bowed wire, harmonica, cello, dry leaves, glass shards, ceramic rods, paper, hand cymbals, small bells, rocks in a wooden box, metal rods, cardboard tubes, tuned cowbells, mechanical viola, seeds on tin foil, bowed glass, recordings in a resonant stairwell.

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Tracing the Skins of Clouds


Rubbed, dragged and scraped sounds of friction, with micro-pitch artifacts, acoustic reverberations and massed tones. Basic materials are molecular clouds of varying densities, abrasion is a method of activating resonant qualities, instigating a porosity between the surface and the ‘inside’ of materials, the intermingling of molecular “clouds”.  Sources include large-diameter glass tubes, wood, large sheets of tempered-glass, bricks, plastic bucket, wine glass, metal bowl, chimes, air organ.

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