• Audio/video production with Paradise Meow
  • Original sound design and music for dance and theater
  • Multimedia performances, installations and concerts
  • Solo and collaborative releases on international experimental labels


Seth Nehil is a multimedia artist. He has created sonic performances, audio installations and music concerts, and has collaborated with theater companies, video artists and choreographers. Seth Nehil has performed internationally at festivals such as Activating the Medium (San Francisco) and Akousma (Montreal).  He has released numerous albums of experimental music, including collaborations with sound artists John Grzinich, Olivia Block and Brendan Murray.  Wire magazine has described Seth Nehil’s music as “haunting” and “hugely satisfying”.  He is currently composing for the percussion and electronics trio Torse.

In the mid-90’s, Seth Nehil wrote for the esteemed music and performance magazine N D.  From 2002 – 06, he co-edited and designed FO(A)RM, a journal of arts and research.  Seth Nehil received an MFA in Music/Sound from Bard College in 2006 and currently teaches sound and video courses at the Pacific NW College of Art in Portland, Oregon.