SNKR (with Kelly Rauer)

SNKR was a collaborative project with movement and video artist Kelly Rauer, resulting in videos, sounds, performances and hybrid combinations thereof.

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Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre NW – Well Worn

This 4-channel video installation was created to accompany a performance by Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre NW at The White Box Gallery, University of Oregon.  I shot footage on the day leading up to and including the group’s site-specific performance in a burned-out and graffitied building.  The rain came and went, creating puddles that reflected the textures of concrete and spraypaint. Colors darkened into night against the architecture with dancers in yellow and silver raincoats.  Within the gallery, four screens surrounded the viewers on all sides for a 10-minute screening.

Kelly Rauer – Locate

My sound design for Kelly Rauer’s three-channel video installation concentrated on swooping, twirling motions.  White noise, sine tones and pulsing drum machines were recorded with a swinging microphone – a pendulum to mimic the kinetics of the camera work and the dancer’s bodies.  Paired and mirrored, larger than life, dancers swing the graphic marks of their limbs in the stark glare of a spotlight or fling themselves into a dark void, amid passing tones and the crackling of an ice storm.

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Kelly Rauer – Weight

Weight was a large-scale video installation, arranging four video projections and four televisions of various sizes throughout the gallery.  Viewers were surrounded by stuttering sequences and asynchronous, rhythmic interactions of gestures, as Rauer leaps, jumps and crawls through the empty space of a blank, sunlit studio.  The installation made it impossible to see all screens at once – or any screen in isolation.    From rafter-mounted speakers, closely-miked recordings of similar movements hovered above the small scattered sounds emerging from television speakers.  The gallery space was filled with creaky footsteps on a wood floor, bodily thuds and breathing.

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