Confluence (with Jgrzinich)

Confluence is the companion album to Stria.

CD, 50 min.
Intransitive Recordings INTO22
Composed 1998 – 2000, released 2002From the liner notes:

(Particle [Cell] > Wave [Body])
The following piece Confluence is the result of a continual two-year collaboration and exchange. Significant not only as final compositions, these pieces are nearly complete documents of our individual and collective output relating to sound experimentation, recording and composition during this period. Although the listener in the end is left to experience the acoustic presence created by these works, a survey of the elements that comprise what one hears along with some general information concerning our intent is presented here. Our primary thread of research over this time was to study evolutionary patterns of sound dynamics through various methods of live generation and recorded mediums that focus on multiplications and groupings. While this has been one of the fundamental bases of our work since the beginning, in these compositions a concentrated effort was made to explore how our artistic and conceptual ideas of sound experimentation affected the physical, perceptual influence of intensive listening. Much of this has to do with the idea of resonance; the phenomenon of natural vibrations that give rise to intensified or stable structures within sound bodies and fields.

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