Skew / Flume


CD, Opal Tapes, released 2019

Comprised of two EP’s on one CD/digital release. Skew / Flume marks a continuation of the long-standing work of American sound artist Seth Nehil.

Initially producing recorded work for Michael Northams Orogenetics label as the legendary subterranean drone ensemble Alial Straa alongside JGrzinich and Olivia Block. Seth would go on to deliver beautiful drone works, rich and detailed electro-acoustic compositions and future-reaching sound design and rhythm works for a slew of the 00’s best sound art labels, from Jason Kahn’s Cut and Toy Bizarre’s Kaon. To wonderful stations of audio art like Alluvial Recordings, Sedimental and Auf Abwegen.
Works such as 2009’s ‘Anemonic Site’ (Alluvial Recordings) and ‘Flock & Tumble’ (Sonoris) show the density of earlier works breaking down into granular states and clusters of activity punched through with percussive aspects drawn from New Complexity and nature itself. Where electricity paints a straight and unbreaking line Seth wills the microphone and computer to deform and fracture, bending linearity and instead creating the illusions of natural activity through careful and considered composition.

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