Linda Austin Dance – A World, A World

My original sound score for this dance piece reflected the wildly divergent approaches in the two halves (or “worlds”).  In the first, sonic fragments were culled from a long list of movie scenes, old television commercials, YouTube videos, pop songs, nursery rhymes etc., gathered by the dancers.  These short bursts of micro-edited media were synced to precise cues – shards of not-quite recognizable sonic detritus colliding with elaborate onstage recitations.

After an interlude/scene change (performed by the dancers to a stripped-down rhythmic track) the strategy changed completely.  Within an all-white set, the dancers followed a loose improvisational score, adjusting plants, holding positions and speaking words.  Each dancer approached a microphone to ring a bell or click stones and speak.  I altered and mixed the dancer’s sounds, creating loops within loops. To this, I added a sparse backing of pure tones.

Performance Works NW

Portland OR , Dec. 2017

Video by Karl Lind Films