Philip Krohn – AuxArt 1

My sound installation was composed from field recordings, detuned piano, modular and software synthesizers, and found objects. Created over a period of 5 days preceding the exhibition, the pieces were largely improvised and layered in long takes. A (re)mixed stereo version of the work was released as Cyclical Traces.

This large sculptural form was created by the artist from reclaimed lumber scraps, discarded clothing and recycled inner tubes. The work occupied the new Portland art space, Building5, for a week in June, 2021. A 6.1 speaker system surrounded the woven shape, and listeners could rest inside or wander through the space. Several artists were invited to contribute multichannel sound for a limited duration.

Bill Will – Fun House

67966_billwill_undertow_and_1_hand (1)

I accompanied Bill Will’s exhibition of kinetic sculptures Fun House with a four-channel generative sound installation.  An extensive library of individual sound events were randomly triggered and dynamically spatialized throughout the gallery in ever-changing combinations.  Sound events ranged in length from a few seconds to several minutes and were all derived from the sound of a single snare drum hit – from quiet buzzing and drones to rumbles and pops.  Sudden bursts of sound emerged from silences.  As visitors activated the noisy sculptures, the installation provided a parallel sonic environment.

Ronna & Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art at Lewis & Clark, Portland OR

Sept. 10 – Dec. 10, 2017

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre NW – Well Worn

This 4-channel video installation was created to accompany a performance by Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre NW at The White Box Gallery, University of Oregon.  I shot footage on the day leading up to and including the group’s site-specific performance in a burned-out and graffitied building.  The rain came and went, creating puddles that reflected the textures of concrete and spraypaint. Colors darkened into night against the architecture with dancers in yellow and silver raincoats.  Within the gallery, four screens surrounded the viewers on all sides for a 10-minute screening.

Circus Me (A Round) (with Linda Austin)


This collaboration with choreographer and dancer Linda Austin used the camera to extract and reconfigure a solo from her larger project Circus Me Around.  By filming three different renditions of the dance from three different heights (at foot, torso and head level), the body was fragmented into separate parts and projected throughout the space.  The solo becomes “a round” as the three performances (with their rustling, footfalls and bits of speech and song) move in and out of sync.  Props, set elements and lights created a tableau in the space, suggesting and reflecting various moments from the dance.

Three video projections, 4-channel sound, objects

Light & Sound Gallery at the Portland Art Center
Sept. 2006

photos by Jeff Forbes